Lice Prevention

May 06, 2016

Lice Prevention

 At School at school

  • Long hair should be tied back in braids or buns.
  • Medium-length hair should be secured close to the head with clips, headbands or head wraps.
  • Teach children not to comb or play with hair during class or recess.
  • Teach children not to share hats or hair accessories.
  • Encourage children not to share headphones and headsets.
  • Store jackets inside zipped-up backpacks instead of hanging on hooks with other children’s coats.


At Home at home

  • Provide your child with his or her own sports equipment such as batting helmets, riding helmets, and other protective headgear.
  • Teach your child not to share towels, combs, brushes, and hair accessories.
  • Vacuum car seats if used for carpooling other children.
  • Bring a lint brush with you and go over the backs of movie theater and airplane seats before sitting. Otherwise wear hoodies and keep them pulled up over the head while seated.
  • Use Honeycombers Stay Away Spray on clothing, and bedding including pillow cases and plush toys.



  • Have each child bring his or her own pillow, sleeping bag, and towel.
  • Wash bedding thoroughly before guests arrive and after guests leave.
  • Dry guest pillows in a hot dryer for 30 minutes.


At Camps at camps

  • Send your child to camp with Honeycombers Daily Shampoo and Conditioner that are effective at preventing lice. Pack Honeycombers Stay Away Spray that deters lice and spray in cabin areas.
  • We highly recommend that you have a professional screening for lice both before and after day camp or sleep-away camp.