Styling Gel

Honeycombers salon-quality herbal styling gel provides a natural and effective way to help prevent lice through daily use. The styling gel uses a non-flaky formula with a proprietary blend of essential oils proven to keep lice away, including rosemary, tulsi and citrus oils.

The entire Honeycombers product line is safe and gentle enough for everyday use, has no pesticides, parabens, sulfates or phthalates, and conforms to national standards for natural and organic.

  • Proprietary formula acts as physical block by lightly “coating” the hair to make it more difficult for lice to travel and attach their eggs to hair shaft
  • Made with a blend of essential oils to actively repel lice from hair & scalp
  • Alcohol-free formula tames unruly hair and holds style in place
  • Safe and gentle for everyday use on all hair types

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